Getting Involved

The goal of our lab is to enable machines to learn complex real-world tasks, especially with robots. Toward this goal, we are interested in developing scalable reinforcement learning and imitation learning frameworks that can leverage prior knowledge and diverse data.

  • Relevant topics: reinforcement learning, imitation learning, representation learning, robotic manipulation
  • Target conferences: (Robot Learning) CoRL, RSS / (Machine Learning) ICLR, ICML, NeurIPS

Hiring plan

  • [Remotely starting in Fall 2023] I am actively hiring our starting members at all levels!
  • 1~2 MS / PhD students and 3~4 undergraduate students every year
  • Sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply. Freshman can also apply if they have sufficient background knowledge


I aim to build a strong research lab, where everyone aims for a career at top schools and companies. Thus, my expectation for PhD is to match or even outperform students from other top labs in Korea (e.g. Joseph’s lab, Jinwoo’s lab). Specifically, by the time you graduate, you are expected to

  • Publish one top-tier conference paper every year
  • Have good presentation skills
  • Mentor several junior students
  • Be well-known in the community

Lab culture

  • English for written communication and presentation
  • Enjoy interaction and discussion in the lab
  • Encourage internal/external collaboration
  • Everyone, including undergraduate, works on their own project
  • More than one 1:1 meeting every week
  • 1~2 internships at top research labs

Desired qualities

  • Motivated
  • Hardworking
  • High standard on quality
  • Fluent in English
  • Mathematical foundations: calculus, linear algebra, probability
  • CS foundations: Ubuntu, Python, machine learning, deep learning, deep reinforcement learning
  • Research fit: read some of our recent publications
  • (MS / PhD students) Relevant research experience is necessary; thus, we strongly recommend doing an internship in our lab for at least 6 months before you apply
  • (Undergraduate students) Internship is in-person and full-time (40+ hours/week during summer and winter; otherwise, 20+ hours/week) for at least 6 months

Application process

  1. Please email me your CV, transcripts, and short statement about your research interests, background knowledge, research-related experience (if any), and career plan
  2. Screening applications (some criteria listed below)
    • Very strong at something: top GPA, coding (KOI, ICPC), Math, etc
    • OR relevant experience: ML/Robotics publication or competition
    • OR anything that shows your potential!
  3. 30-min casual interview
  4. Screening implementation project (2 week long) and 30-min technical presentation


This is my very first thought about my lab and everything here is subject to change. As long as we all aim for a strong lab with good culture, I would love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to reach out to me!